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TQC has been contracted by a significant number of Ship Management Companies and Recruitment & Placement Services (Manning Agents) Companies in Greece, Philippines, India and other places around the world to prepare and lead them to successful MLC 2006 related certification. Our Strategy has been tested in different applications (manning agents , ship management companies , ship certification etc) and can be modified according to the specific needs of each company.

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Gap Analysis

During this service we carry out a detailed Gap Analysis of the existing documentation, management system and operations/processes against the requirements of the MLC 2006. The purpose of this service is to evaluate the current level of compliance with respect to the new requirements and we to identify the gaps (and therefore the action required) for meeting the relevant MLC requirements. The gap analysis is to investigate not only the documented Management System but also all other relevant company activities which are related to the MLC requirements, such as the seafarers employment agreements, the allotment payroll , the company’s Safety and Health Occupational program and numerous other.

Review/Development of MLC compliant management systems

We can review or redevelop the company’s documented Management System to meet the relevant MLC 2006 requirements. The amended/revised Management System can be used by the company to gain MLC 2006 certification.

Ship Management Company preparation

Apart from the SMS a number of other company operations and practices may need to change ranging from the on board audits all the way to the allotment payments and payroll system. We can provide useful guidance and consultancy in modifying (where necessary) company practices and operations ranging from the on board audits and Complaints procedures all the way to the allotment system and the payroll. 

Recruitment & Placement (Manning) Services Company preparation

It is the first time that the practices, systems and licensing status of a manning agent are directly linked to a statutory certificate of a vessel. MLC Regulation 1.4.3, and Standard A 1.4.2 & A 1.4.9 require that “…. shipowners who use seafarer recruitment and placement services that are based in countries or territories in which this Convention does not apply, ensure that those services conform to the requirements set out in the Code”. Our Services can guide manning agents to MLC 2006 compliance and related certification.

Ships' MLC audits & preparation

The MLC requires that all ships are issued with an MLC Certificate incorporating the DMLC Part I & Part II. The actual implementation is to be inspected and certified only on board. It is therefore the actual ship preparation that is the critical and most important face of the company preparation for certification purposes. Such preparation is very important not only for certification purposes but also as a measure to avoid and deter PSC deficiencies and potential detentions.

MLC training

We provide comprehensive MLC training courses both for the open market as well as on an in house basis. Furthermore we are in the process of developing a series of MLC related CBTs. Please contact us regarding our training schedule and further details.


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