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ILO MLC 2006 Implementation, Vessel Preparation & Certification Training Course on 5th of December 2012

This extremely effective, interactive one-day course is recommended for shore based personnel and sea going personnel in Ship Management Companies. It will not only highlight the new Maritime Labour Convention requirements but it will also provide implementation methodologies, documentation solutions for companies and will train attendees in the vessel preparation and MLC audit process on board.

The course is a combination of presentation, lecturing and practical workshop exercises, so that the attendees can grasp the extent of the new regulations and prepare their companies and ships for full implementation and certification.

The course is divided in 2 Parts.

PART 1 is focused on presenting the MLC 2006 and its requirements and highlighting the challenges that Shipping Companies and Manning Agents are faced with. During part 1 all the MLC 2006 regulations and requirements will be presented, interpreted and analysed so that an understanding of the implementation requirements will be achieved by the participants.

PART 2 is focused on the on board audit and MLC certification process. During part 2 the necessary implementation steps shall be analysed and presented. Furthermore a simulation of the on board process will be presented and potential non conforming issues will be analyzed. Specific cases shall be presented and various Flag States additional requirements shall be covered. Part 2 will cover all the training needs that Ship Managers may have in order to satisfy the MLC certification requirements.


  • To present the new ILO role in shipping
  • To present, explain and analyze the new implementation requirements
  • To present time framework and the enforcement process
  • To present the Flag and Port State roles
  • To provide implementation methodologies
  • To establish the process for vessels preparation and MLC certification
  • To simulate the on board audit


By the end of the course delegates should be fully aware of the new ILO MLC 2006 implementation requirements and be able to prepare their company’s management system and ships accordingly.

To learn more or register please enter our Training Programme.

MLC RATIFICATION COMPLETED Milestone ratifications by Russia and the Philippines

The ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention has now been ratified by 30 countries, meaning it will go into effect in a year’s time.

The ratification by Russia and the Philippines fulfills the requirement that at least 30 ILO member countries ratify the Convention. The other requirement - that ratifying countries represent 33 percent of the world’s gross shipping tonnage - was met in 2009.

That means that the whole world fleet of commercial vessels above 500 GT, an estimated number of 65,000 vessels, will need to comply and be certified with the compulsory MLC & DMLC certificates within the next 12 months, i.e. by August 2013.

This is going to be a major challenge for the shipping industry and in particular for the shipping companies and the manning agents.

The MLC, 2006 establishes minimum requirements for almost all aspects of working conditions for seafarers including conditions of employment, employment contracts, payment of wages, hours of work and rest, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection.

The provisions of the MLC are very detailed, require considerable amount of workload in order to ensure ships’ compliance and affect not only the ship management company but also all manning agents involved in the crewing process. For the first time in shipping we have a ship’s certificate that is directly linked to the performance of a manning agent, as per the requirements of MLC 2006 Regulation 1.4.

We expect that during this 12 months period for compliance, the workload that will be put into companies and their workforce for compliance will be overwhelming. As a result we feel that companies should ACT NOW in order to ensure the smooth certification of their vessels.

Our company has been a worldwide pioneer in setting up management systems and crewing procedures in compliance with the MLC 2006 provisions and guiding companies and their vessels to MLC certification.

Our worldwide track record and effective strategy can provide you with solutions for effective MLC compliance, ranging from consultancy and ships preparation to full crew management. Please contact us for further information.

WORLD LEADING MLC 2006 Consultancy Services provided by Total Quality Consultants(TQC).

The MLC 2006 is a convention that will become the "fourth pillar" of the international regulatory regime for shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and at the same time creates the need for one more SHIP CERTIFICATE.

The MLC 2006 poses a series of new challenges not only for the ship management companies but also for all the Recruitment and Placement (Manning) Agents around the world. A new number of new processes, requirements and practices will need to be implemented and certified.

We, at TQC, are very glad to announce that we have guided through our consultancy and services the first Shipping Company in Greece and one of the very first around the world, to a voluntary full statutory Certification to the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006).Our company has been a pioneer in preparing manning agents, ship management companies and their ships for MLC certification. We have guided through our consultancy and services the first Shipping Company in Greece and one of the very first around the world, to a voluntary full statutory Certification to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006) since December 2010. The certification was provided to MV CHRISTINE managed by MARYVILLE MARITIME the ship management company of the NY listed EXCELL. The vessel was successfully audited by Bureau Veritas whilst discharging in Hunterston, Scotland, on 14-16/12/2010 and the Certificate has been issued on the 23/12/2010.

Since then we have also guided a considerable number of companies and their ships as well as numerous manning agents around the world to successful MLC certification.

We believe that by following the right strategy and selecting the correct practices we can assist companies in preparing and ensuring timely MLC certification of their ships.

Our MLC related services range from MLC gap analysis and SMS updates to on board visits and audits preparation.

Our extended and sophisticated services and impeccable track record the last 16 years can guarantee you the optimum path to successful and sustainable certification.


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