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When the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 comes into force, on the 20th of August 2013, it will replace around 70 existing conventions and regulations. The MLC 2006 is a convention that will become the "fourth pillar" of the international regulatory regime for shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and at the same time creates the need for one more SHIP CERTIFICATE.


It will provide seafarers with fair terms of employment and guarantee them safe, secure and decent living and working conditions on board ship. Ship-owners will benefit from having a clear, consistent set of standards with which all must comply.


Once the Convention is in force all ships which trade internationally must meet its requirements, whether their flag States have ratified it or not, ships will be subject to inspection. Inspectors’ powers are the same as those under ISM or MARPOL, including the power to detain ships that do not comply.


The MLC 2006 establishes minimum requirements for almost all aspects of working conditions for seafarers including conditions of employment, employment contracts, payment of wages, hours of work and rest, accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering, health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection. The provisions of the MLC are very detailed, require considerable amount of workload in order to ensure ships’ compliance and affect not only the ship management company but also all manning agents involved in the crewing process. For the first time in shipping we have a ship’s certificate that is directly linked to the performance of a manning agent, as per the requirements of MLC 2006 Regulation 1.4. As a result we feel that companies should ACT NOW in order to ensure the smooth certification of their vessels.

This website, prepared by Total Quality Consultants (TQC), has as scope to keep you, the ship management companies, updated in regards to Maritime Labour Convention from the moment you start considering the process until you certify your vessels.

It intends to be your #1 destination when it comes to MLC 2006.

World leading MLC 2006 Consultancy services provided by Total Quality Consultants

Total Quality Consultants (TQC) is a highly specialized maritime consultancy firm established in 1994, serving the shipping community. The initial aim was to assist and provide solutions for clients in meeting new, demanding regulations and shipping codes and to improve the operational efficiency of their fleets through the development and implementation of structured, efficient and effective management systems.


In regards to ILO “Maritime Labour Convention 2006” please note that TQC has been involved intensely from 2009 when we started visiting Manning agents offices to perform Gap analysis and audits. TQC has already guided to successful certification a number of clients and their vessels including various RPS (Manning) Agents around the world such as:

  • MLC 2006 Gap Analysis to more than 45 Manning Agents all over the world;
  • SMS review/development to more that 15 Manning Agents;
  • MLC 2006 Gap Analysis & SMS review/development to more than 30 Shipping companies;
  • MLC 2006 company specific training courses to more than 15 Shipping Companies;
  • More than 10 seminars that were organized to our Seminar Room;
  • Participation to forums and events all around the world to present, train and discuss about MLC 2006.
  • On Board Audit to more than 10 vessels and
  • TQC guided the first shipping company in Greece and among the first in the world to a voluntary statutory Certification in December 2010.

TQC can assist with the following services:

  1. Review and modify your existing documented Quality Management System;
  2. Train and certify your company employees for MLC purposes;
  3. Visit your office and provide the necessary guidance and consultancy for implementing and satisfying the new requirements;
  4. Visit and prepare your vessels for MLC certification.

On the other hand Total Shipmanagement Services (TSS), sister company of TQC, is a Crew Management Firm with an extensive international network of Manning Agents. The company provides crew management services at the highest quality level and is in compliance with the latest industry standards and the MLC 2006 ensuring also that all Manning Agents that cooperate with TSS have the same high standards.


In the other pages you may find more about any updates & news, information about the convention, all the training courses that TQC offers and analytical description of TQC and TSS services


Total Shipmanagement Services MLC 2006 Certificate


TQC Personnel on bridge durning MLC 2006 audit


Quintana's Q Ioanari (MLC 2006 certified)


Preparation of MV Christine for external MLC audit


On board external MLC audit by Bureau Veritas auditor Mr. Couyou (third from the left). Starting from the left Mr. G. Dovles of TQC, the Master on board and on the far right TQC's Mr Diakakis.


Delivery of MLC & DMLC certificates at Bureau Veritas in Piraeus. From the left: Mr Dimitropoulos, head of BV ISM department, Mr. G.Dovles, head of TQC, Mr. Criticos, Quality & Safety Manager of Maryville and Mr Chachalis, BV Chief Executive Manager.


Status Maritime MLC Certificate by DNV.